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Memorized Transactions

Have a lot of recurring transactions in your QuickBooks, like your rent payment or a transfer to savings? Set up a Memorized Transaction to make data entry quicker and easier!

When you enter the payment in QuickBooks in either the "Write Checks" or "Enter Credit Card Charges" function, before hitting save, right-mouse click in the check or credit card, and hit "Memorize Transaction." Set up how often you want it to recur, and hit save. You can delete it later by going to Lists/Memorized Transaction List if you need to delete it or change the frequency.

If the payment amount ever changes, go back into your "Write Checks" or "Enter Credit Card Charges" function, write a new payment to the same vendor with the new amount. Right-mouse click on it, and hit "Memorize Transaction" again, and it will ask you if you want to replace your existing memorized transaction for that vendor. Select yes, and you're set!